Module I
Module II (Part 3 may be taken after registration);
Module III, or 125 logged experience hours acquired during and after JSD study;
Ten private sessions (5 with authorized teacher, 5 may be with JSD acupressurist);
Practical exam give JSD acupressure session(s) to an authorized JSD teacher (Advanced if possible).
Compliance with applicable local licensing requirements, if any.
Classes count for continuing education credits for registered massage therapists and certified fitness instructors


JSD classes are a vocational and adjunctive training, offered at colleges; growths centers and massage schools throughout the U.S., Canada, Europe and elsewhere. Authorized Jin Shin Do® teachers are Trademark Licensees, who agree to maintain the quality standards set by JSD originator Iona Marsaa Teeguarden.
“Jin Shin Do®” classes are open to anyone who has met the prerequisites (by completing the preceding classes with an authorized JSD teacher). Men and women of all ages and ethnic or religious origins, from all countries, are welcome. We have no dress code; loose, comfortable clothing is recommended.
Students can take Module I from any authorized JSD teacher, or take the component classes from different authorized JSD teachers (except if a class is given through a school which requires taking an entire course in-house), and then take Module II from any authorized JSD teacher. JSD student records, including the computerized JSDF master records, are confidential.
JSD teachers use a pass-fail evaluation method. Completion requirements for each class are listed in the class outline, and may be further specified by the authorized Jin Shin Do® teacher.
JSDF encourages a “Jin Shin Dojo” system in which advanced students can acquire valuable experience by assisting classes. A 1:10 assistant: student ratio is recommended, with the assistants being Registered JSD Acupressurists or Advanced students.

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