To be authorized to teach the
Basic Jin Shin Do® class:

  1. Module I, Module II, and being a Registered JSD Acupressurist;
  2. Intensive Teacher Training Program;
  3. Total of 300 logged experience hours;
  4. Assisting 2 Basic JSD classes with an authorized JSD teacher (or 1 plus videotapes);
  5. Practical exam and 12-page paper verifying understanding and including 4 case stories.

To be authorized to teach the

Intermediate Jin Shin Do® class:

  1. Total of 600 experience hours and at least 2 years of JSD practice;
  2. Three Basic JSD classes taught;
  3. Two Intermediate JSD classes assisted (or 1 plus videotapes).
  4. Practical exam by an Intermediate JSD teacher.

To be authorized to teach the
Advanced Jin Shin Do® class:

  1. Special project, and practical examination by Iona.
  2. Assist 2 advanced JSD classes (or 1 plus videotapes).

    Authorized Jin Shin Do® Teachers display gold-embossed certificates of Trademark Licensure, and are entitled to use the registered service mark “Jin Shin Do” and its logo. TM licenses are renewed annually; 25 continuing education hours are required every 2 years.

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